Musomap is the map of live local music.

This is a global intiative established by a team of passionate musicians from around the world.

We've built this online mobile platform to help promote a more vibrant live local music scene.

Our goals are to:
1. Create a connected live music map of the world.
2. Notify local audiences with upcoming events.
3. Help musicians and venues trade gear.
4. Connect students and teachers.
5. Share a neighbourhood music story.

As musicians and music fans we are often in search of a variety of local music friends, professionals and services. Join us on the map and post a call out to join the conversation.

Musomap provides a free global service that helps individuals and businesses connect.

Musicians and their friends can use Musomap to post a call out. These posts are then shared via email, mobile notification and open social networks - including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more!

This is an initiative that has been built by a team of musicians who are passionate about live local music collaboration. Join us!

Musomap helps you reach out to a local audience.